okay so my last cord shorted out and i went and bought a new 20ft cable from the music store. this thing is giving me bad feedback (squealing) whenever i play it through my line 6 amp. i know its not the amp because i plugged it into my computer with my interface and i get the same feedback. is this something that happens with all new cords? or is this cord a fault/p.o.s.? answers please as i have to leave for a gig in 2 hours
Is it an instrument cable? Go return it?
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
all im thinking is .................. get a new chord or use an older one

trust me dont screw around with it because if feedback problems occur at the gig your not gonna be happy
ill have to borrow one, i bought this one because my old one(s) broke.