You, the pit are my last hope in this matter. I have tried everything, asked my mates who are big into computers, everything and i can't get this to work.

I bought Half life 2 last year and i was skeptical that it would not work on my computer, i installed it and i was able to run it perfectly on low graphics, which i thought was fine.

My computer was infected by a virus which deleted the start up files and my computer had to get wiped.

Now i decided i want to play it (it was wiped about 9 months ago) and i can't play it. I installed it, let it update and it wont run at all now but it ran before.

It gets to the loading screen then crashes. I think it may be a graphics card problem because i remember installing drivers before for it to run more smoothly.

I have a Radeon xpress 200 and i can't find driver updates which will work. I went to the ATI technology site and downloaded one and installed it. The driver installed messed up the computer graphics and changed the resolution so i had to system restore.

If anyone can tell me what drivers to download or just give any advice it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.
wow. did you by chance take note of what drivers you had installed when you started playing Half Life?
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wow. did you by chance take note of what drivers you had installed when you started playing Half Life?

No, if i did life would be sooo much easier for me now. I can't remember which ones i installed.
Ouch, try reinstalling the graphics card completely. Does it crash during the test run thing. The one that shows like, the fire and glass, etc. Then after updating the card, reinstall hl2. I guess. Actually, uninstall hl2. Then reinstall your graphics card and then do the updates. Then reinstall hl2. Then run the test run thing. That will give you the recommended settings for your graphics card. Should run. I hate problems with games. I ended buying pretty much new everything when I bought Battlefield 2.

p.s.-that game get f'ing hard when you get to the city, with those big walker things. Oi. Sweet game though.
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In response to my own post hereinabove, I only suggested uninstalling and reinstalling to ensure that any presets or configurations were deleted from any cache files. W0rd. Your a smart guy, you probably figured that out. Anyways, good luck. I'd also hit up Steam forums. Peace.
It crashes at the loading screen to the game. Where it says loading before the main menu.

I will try what you said thank you.