Allright, so i gotta conduct a 45 minute seminar on anything related to honesty in a few weeks. I as thinking about doing honesty in the music industry such as record producing or anything. I cant do file sharing at all, so does anyone have any idea or know of how honesty or dishonesty is important in the music industry/
Perhaps finding ethics in the music industry is the wrong way to go. Actually, finding any kind of "honest ethics" in anything related to capitalism is kinda shotty. Selling something for more than it's worth is considered ethical, but shouldn't be on the lines of good or bad, or honest or dishonest. You could do a seminar on how the music industry is honestly dishonest. Good luck with the presentation though. 45 minutes though?
haha yah, i know its kinda a far stretch, most of the 45 minutes would be the class discussing questions, but it is long.