ive had my jcm800 100w head and 1960a cab for about 2 years now. it still has the same tubes it came with when i first got it. well heres the thing, every time i turn off my amp, it makes a weird sound, like a laser gun from star wars. its never done that when i first got the amp, but its been doin it for about the last 2 or 3 months. the sound still sounds good and all, but its just that one weird sound it makes when i turn it off that has me worried. does anybody now why it makes the sound? is it time for new tubes? thanks for the help.
Awesome, I'd be using it in songs, like turning it on and off randomly. And yeah, it's probably time for new valves anyway. Two years? come on now.
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new valves bro. do it ASAP
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yea get some new tubes. they are really old and should be changed anyway

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

i got the amp head about 2 years ago, so it was prolly manerfactured a year before that. so im saying 3 years. its a jcm800 2203
If it's not a reissue, then it was probably manufactured WAY before that. Early 80's maybe..
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yeah its a reissue. im not as lucky as zack wylde to get the authentic ones that were made in the 80s
Jeez guys, 2 years is not that old for tubes. My 2205 still has tubes from 15 years ago.

Does this one have a reverb tank, it might be that.
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yeah thats what i was thinking reincaster. i dont want to spend money on tubes that arent that old and still have there tone to it. when i notice there tone and clarity is going away, then im going to invest in tubes. i just wanted to know why is there that weird noise when i turn off the amp, and if it was because the tubes, then i would get new tubes. but if its not, i just want to know whats making that noise.
I've got a Valvestate 8080, same problem... gain/chanel volume can make a diference.... when my gain is at 9/10, it will get that weird sound, not when i'm on 8 or below
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Does it sound sort of like electronic zipping noise? My AOR30 head does that as I turn it off. I think it's the caps releasing the last bit of electricity as the amp is tuned off. Does it still do it if you leave the amp on standby for a bit before you turn it off?
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well heres the thing, every time i turn off my amp, it makes a weird sound, like a laser gun from star wars.

that is too cool.

but if ur getting crap tone with that, u need to get rid of it...
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i doubt it's the valves, or anything too harmful for that matter. if it gets progressively worse, however, it may be a problem. but 2 years for tubes isn't that long, many of the tube amps my friends have are vintage and have never had a tube change.
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