I bought this guitar from a friend years ago....as my first guitar. It's a strat shape with pointy horns, H/S/S with no pickguard...I guess similar to an Ibanez in shape. Unfortunately, he died in a fire (RIP Chris!). It needs some work, mostly electronics, so I'm working out which pickups and configuration would be best.

I currently play a 72 Thinline Telecaster (HH) and a Epi Les Paul through a Cube 60......so i'm really looking forward to the single coils. I play a lot of atmospheric stuff like Pink Floyd /Coldplay. Classic Rock like CCR /The Eagles. And a little heavier stuff like Creed/STP/Breaking Benjamin.

I plan on replacing the pickups in the Les Paul with PRS McCarty's for the heavier sound, but I dont know what pickups for this guitar. I know I want the bridge humbucker coil tapped. What configuration for the switch panel? I was thinking some that are inexpensive such as GFS. Any help would be appreciated
Sorry for the lack of advice in this post, but do you have any pics of the guitar?
Id say maybe a PAF pro with two Strat singles or some Kent Armstrong Vintage-wound singles. a PAF pro should be able to do the heavy stuff, as well as some of the Classic rock. And the Vintage singles are for the Pink Floyd and Coldplay. Maybe try to get everything Kent Armstrong.
qotsa - Thanks for the suggestions.

I don't have any pictures yet, but it looks like this with a mahogany colored body and a rosewood board....of course a mid and neck pup. He said his grandfather built it and used Yamaha parts, but I doubt it.