I know it's mostly just individual preference, but you know any good presets for it?

I just got it today, so I'm still messing around with it.


Edit: My amp is a Crate XT120R.
Epiphone Quilt Top Les Paul w/ EMG 81-85
Crate XT120R
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i used to have it but found it didnt go to well with my marshall dsl401. Well for decent classic tone have bass full, treble about 2 o clock, and mids about 11. The adjust gain accordingly. Used to make my MG sounds relatively reasonable! But w/e you do dont use top boost unless ur a in full band, andneed to get heard for solos. And have topboasts about 8-9 o clock. Anyway good lukc, its a good pedal
depends on amp

Top Boost------your preference

it all depends so many varriables, but thats a pretty good metal setup
try a couple of settings from the ultimate settings thread.

choose someone you like and start from there!