Ok, basically, im going to build a guitar, but first i need to order all the pieces of it, and need to know, am i forgetting anything?

also, i need to know, when fitting bolt on necks, how can i be sure that the neck will actually fit properly in the body where its meant to, most measurements are at the 12th fret?

(i know some of you will disagree with not building from scratch but simply put, it takes too long, and i might not come out with something of a decent quality. plus i dont want to be spending lots of time doing something that isn't playing.)

Heres what i've come up with

body - strat or superstrat style
neck - probably jackson style
pickups - undecided (i will decide before i order body of course)
original floyd rose -
tone knobs
pick guards
pickup switching thing
grover kidney tuners
input jack
the springs in the back of the guitar (dont know what they do)

btw, i live in the uk

thanks everyone
^the neck pocket at the heel should fit if you get the parts from one manufacturer. u need some control pots too.
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If you don't know what the springs in the back of the guitar do, why are you building a guitar? No offense, but it's kind of a big project and you need to know what you're doing so it comes out right. You still need the electronics for the knobs to work with the pick-ups, and you'll need to know how to wire them. Do you know how to solder, because you're going to be doing alot of it.

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The springs are for the trem. Looks like you have everything,but I really recommend an Ibanez Edge Pro trem instead of the Floyd. The Ibanez has a lower profile and it's way easier to change strings on it. Plus, I've seen them go for as low as $50 on ebay.
Edge Pros arent too great, not nearly as good as OFRs. Id get an Ibanez ZR. If u can find one for cheap, they seem to be the best double-locking trems available.

If u buy ur stuff from Warmoth or a similar company, itll all fit. but buying an Ibanez RG body and a Jackson neck from eBay, it wont fit. All u rly need is some spare wires and pots and caps. Judging by what u wanna build, if u want metal for ur pickups, look at some Kent Armstrong or maybe a Bill Lawrence 500 and a Duncan '59.
Yeah, I highly recommend Bill Lawrence pups, particularly the L500XL ($50 brand new) and I'd get a Duncan Pearly Gates in the neck, but that's just me.

EDIT: Looks like gotsa1998 is a dime fan
if your going warmoth be warned, you get charged taxes which is roughly 25% of the item(s) value so if you spend say £400, you might get charged about £100 for taxes over here
i think you should do some more research, or mod a guitar you already have before taking on this big of a project and spending all that money.
just a thought.
ebay is the best answer.
even if you buy from the us the taxes wont be much because more than likely the itemwill be cheaper than deliver for example you could easily get a neck for £15 from america but the shippings going to cost about £30 and i only think it counts on the items value therefore you only have to pay about £3.75(Y)