OK, so a couple of days ago my bass just stopped working through the amp when i was turning one of the volume knobs. We took off the back, looked inside and soldered the cables where they were supposed to go by using a diagram. Now, my bass works but whenever i put my fingers on the strings i get a really loud buzzing/ humming sound that only stops when i remove my hand from the fretboard.

We did solder the earth/ground wire to the correct location (one of the pots from the bridge) but now we don't know what the problem is. COuld it be possibly that the ground wire is disconnected at the bridge? Any other reasons?

Help is appreciated, thanks


EDIT: Oh and when we looked in the bass wiring, the ground wire wasn't soldered and we didn't get buzz, but when we did solder it, we got the buzzing. That probably means that I played my last few gigs, hell, even a few months without an earth. Could I carry on without an earth to minimize the buzz?
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usually the buzz stops when you touch your strings or p-ups. if your getting the opposite, maybe you have something wired wrong. time to take it to the shop. i wish i had a better answer, but i don't. good luck.
Most guitar/bass wiring has the case of each pot connected to ground. If that's where you connected it, you're fine. That's where it should be. If that's not where it's connected, fix that.

It's entirely possible this was left disconnected. Whoever worked on it previously, may have connected the output jack incorrectly. They may have disconnected the string ground so it wouldn't buzz as much. You may need to swap the connections. The sleeve of the jack should connect to ground.

When fixed your bass will probably be quieter than you've even know it to be.

Good luck,
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I've not had my bass electronics messed around with before, but some wires became disconnected because i had been messing with a volume knob too much. Now I'm not sure if thats how the earth wire became disconnected.

In short, could I carry on without the earth wire disconnected or would I run a serious risk or shocks/ electrocution?

MAJOR EDIT: It's all worked itself out. Me and my dad worked on the connections and changed the input connections to the pot and soldered the ground wire to that same pot, so we've pretty much eliminated the buzzing.

Thanks for your guy's contributions, they helped us a lot!
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