I wrote this while listening to At The Gates.... Not really my favorite thing I've written, but it's the first long one, so I thought I'd post it here since everyone I know will just be like "That's really good!" even if they think it sucks. lol So go ahead and be brutally honest; I don't claim to be a writer, nor do I like what I write, but it's still an emotional outlet.

Working through years of pain,
why did I have to get so close to you,
Agony of living,
pleasure of dying,
in me thou hast put,

Hasten my decay,
welcome to atrophy,
I long for the death knoll,
to finally say goodbye,
and sleep the eternal slumber,

If the sun refused to shine,
how could I know,
for you stripped me of all light,
to sightlessly wander the dark,

Should it end like this,
with each of us grasping for neither,

Hatred courses,
through my black veins,
filling me,
with contempt,

Ghost of the past,
visits again,
wracks my brain,
with hideous memories,
leading me to death.
Well, if you're asking me to be honest - first thing that popped in my mind was "ugh, emo...".
However the way it was presented is quite attractive. Some bitterness you have in you, eh?

Write another song of that kind in homicidal perspective and I might offer you my service.