Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew a good solo in G minor and/or could give me some tips on what techniques i should use. It's for Been There in the Rock School Grade 3 book. It's a ska/britpop song and you can hear it if you type it into youtube. Thanks in advance
^ i say screwit, just play the G minor Scale, or play the Bb major scale over the chord progressions to really bring out the 3rds
I don't know what grade 3 is, but try checking out knockin' on heaven's door. it has two great solos in g major.
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you could look for a song in A# major, that's the same as g minor.

G minor has the same notes as Bb major, but they are not the same.
Hypochondriac music by Muse is in G minor, It's not that hard, possibly around grade 3 level.
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you could look for a song in A# major, that's the same as g minor.

Bb major has the same notes, but it's definitely not the same thing.
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You could try "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" by My Chemical Romance.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

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If you want to make one, heres a nice simple method for making a good sounding one.

Limit your notes to Gmin Pentatonic whenever possible but throw in some stuff from the minor scale every here and there.

I find the pentatonic extremely good for a climbing riff (going up the neck to the climax of your solo) and then using whatever mode you've decided on (in this case minor)

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Oops, Gminor, sorry. Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

smoke on the water? the only reason people even know of that song now is because people always want to learn it. and now its been played all the way to hell. sooo many covers, by sooo many bands

edit: and yes i think "shine on you crazy diamond" would be an awesome choice. i should try learn that someday.
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