im looking to buy a new distortion pedal that not only has a good distortion but that can also give me a pretty good boost for solos. i play hard rock, alternative, and classic rock. i was lookin at the digitech distortion factory or the tube screamer but was wondering if there was anything better. i dont wanna spend more that around 150.
well man i got the Distortion Factory man and i have to say i dont like it at all and all play the exact genre as you do. but yea im lookin for a new pedal too, but i wouldnt go with the distortion Factory.
yeah ive been lookin at a few different pedals does anyone know anything about the boss blues driver or the marshall bluesbreaker. the sound clips i heard sounded like the kinda thing im lookin for but i know sometimes sound clips arent exactly what you get. so any imput on those pedals would be great.
thanks for the suggestions so far.