Im looking for another guitar. I already have an ibanez rg120 and a warlcock m.m. and im set with amps. im looking for 500-600 buckaroos. ok let me just get this clear. ! DONT WANT A LES PAUL. im into metal, like A7F (avenged sevenfold) and like disturbed, and i like some classic rock and just metal and rock and everything inbetween. this may not be enough info so ask questions if u need more info
i have an rg 170 and my baby american strat i sudjest u save up and get one aswell
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The young fools taking up guitar were mainly straight....

**** it lets just let techno take over, its far more masculine.....
You're too bad at English to own a guitar, you should give me all your gear and money.
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1. What is your currency? Buckaroos is NOT a currency. Unless... it is.... >_>
2. Can you go used?
3. Do you need a trem?
4. Do you need 24 frets?
5. Do you plan on replacing pickups in the future?

Basic recommendations would be: (I am assuming USD)

- Ibanez S320 - $499.99

- Schecter C-1 Artist - $449.99

- LTD H-500- $599.00
PRS Singlecut SE!

Even if you upgrade the pups in the end - epic guitar!