The Floyd Rose Discovery went under the two hundred mark when they were on sale at musiciansfriend. Now there's a deal that's hard to beat.
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Agile AL-2000 LP copy...but last I looked they where out of them at Rondo.....
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ohh well i think the ibanez starter pack is pretty bomb (it was my first) and also the epi les paul special II (awsome tone, no problems accept tuning)...
Might get a used MIM Strat. Pacifica is good. I haven't played it but for a set-neck Les Paul copy check out Silvertone (Musician's Friend.) I have been hearing good things about the quality on several forums, but play one and carefully check it.
Ibanez makes some good starter guitars, my GSA60 is great and i've heard great things about the RG321.

Just find something with decent wood (Mahogany, Alder, ect.), no locking trem, and you're good.
Anything from epiphone
they make great guitars
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+1 on the Yamaha Pacifica.

With an HSS configuration and a vintage whammy bar, it can play a diversity of styles.
or the agile there really good guitars actually just dont get the strat copy of the agile guitar company because of the trem which gets out of tune quickly but theres a les paul copy that sounds pretty goo dand later on when you have more money you could change the tuners and the pickups but its amazing for the money
I think there are a lot of decent inexpensive guitars out there. I just got to try some Agiles and SX guitars a couple weeks ago and I like them a lot. If you don't mind used look around. I have picked up several guitars recently for around $100.00 an older Epiphone Firebird Studio, A new DEAM ML Noir and a BC Rich Kerry King V. All are in great shape and sound and play very well. I have to say the DEAN and BC Rich have Floyd Rose Trems. This was the reason the kids were selling them, they couldn't get the hang of tuning them. The Epi was supposed to have a bad neck but it looked perfect to me so I took it to my repairman and he said it was perfect and I stole the guitar for $99.00.

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