Get the **** on
No one's listening to your song

Get the **** out
The times you let me down, i can't even count

(above would be the intro and chorus)

Go violate another naive girl
It's what you do best
Better yet, why don't you put me to the test?

I'll knock your ass out, then wring your neck
Till your eyes bulge out and your tongues hangin slack
How's it feel lyin' lifeless, still think you're a mack?


How's this for a scenario
Let's get drunk and play super mario
And when you pass out
i can stab you with in the chest with a freakin' cutco!

Hooray, you're dead!
No, but really, instead
just ****in leave
cause i can't even breathe

matter fact forget it
it'll only take me a bit
to get my things and split

(its a bit tongue in cheek....)

so, corny? funny? bad? good?
so, I think it's safe to asume that it didn't end well between you?

anyway, good stuff, it really gets the point across, though I couldn't really come up with suitable music in my mind at first so I just tried to overlap it with the tune to aescthetics of hate and it kinda went along
well, you know, i mentioned it's not supposed to be taken too seriously. and i'm obviously am not going for subtlety or artsy. as far as music goes.... it'd be a hard rock/metal or punk song. obviously not slow. or maybe sorta rapped over power riffs.

also, just keep in mind.... that's like the second thing i've ever written. i'm a novice to both writting lyrics and playing guitar.

thanks for the feedback!