So, this is the first time I really write poetry so bear over with me

It might be cliche, but I dont really mind. Some weird phrasing and wordings as well I guess.
Please be honest in your feedback!
Ill also be happy to critizise your poetry, just throw me a link on the way


I left an orchid in the rain,
hoping she would grow for the spring,
I would nurture and love her, never a petal oversee,
should we together the winter overwin

Four weeks have passed, since the winds of autumn left,
my orchid is still of her beauty,
but I am not complete, not yet I can take her,
not sooner than I am ready

Resting with her in my garden,
the ominous, tranquil cloak of pure,
the snow is a struggle her leaves must overwhelm,
if really she loves me, I must be sure

When spring comes, together we go,
to the sunset of my paradise,
the paradise where I can live,

<b>as beautiful as her</b>


The spring has now passed,
the snow is now gone,
and with its purity,
Im left sitting in the sun

But no warmth strikes my face,
no light sparks my eye,
no blood flows my veins,
I faithfully left you die

As the forsaken traitor who refused to refuse,
I look back at times, to see my smiles,
unaware it was me who created my own crucifix,
but never I saw nothing but tears from your eyes

When I look at you now,
petals, old and wrinkly,
I cry for the beauty you still behold,

<b>but that I never learned to appreciate.</b>"