Hey everyone I'm Nick and I'm interested in finding a hard rock/metal band to jam/work with in the Five College/Pioneer Valley area around Amherst, Hadley, and Northampton. I can come to practices and gigs about 2-4 times a week, mostly in the late afternoons and nights. I also have a car that I can use to travel.

I primarily play rhythm guitar and compose (mostly) experimental hard rock and metal music. I have some experience in lead techniques and can pull off some mean harmonics and tremolo picking with my unique guitar style. I am a lyricist and poet as well, with a book of poetry in the works.

I can play bass, and sing either backup or lead reasonably well. I have some experience growling for those of you death metal and metalcore types.

I am influenced by System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, and Slayer, as well as many many other great bands.

I've been playing for almost two years, but have progressed fast and am looking for a band with an edge that emphasizes an awesome live show with quality music and lyrics. I want more than just a band, I'd like to find a group of people who are honest and friendly, and are good, fun people.


Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
the bed of the acquiesced
where we sleep, insomniac dreams