So i own 7 guitars, one is an Audition strat copy thing from the 60s..

The only good part is the neck, and im thinking of buildingmy own guitar.

Im buying a chunk of basswood, getting my dads friend to cut it, then the rest is up to me.

Would an ancient neck on a new (Flying V) shaped guitar work?

How hard / much is it to ROUT the floyd rose (Bought a copy one off Ebay)?

And can someone reccomend cheap Pups for it

Its a Randy Rhoads inspired guitar <3


you can get the neck to work, and if the neck is nice it should work fine.

Routing is easy, but I suggest you practice it a lot before you rout your guitar, and find out how to do a FR first... I did a Edge type trem for someone once and it was very simple, I thinkt he Edges are similar to the FRs... the routing isnt much, but take your time and remember left to right

Im guessing 2 humbuckers right? Im not a great pickups guy, but I would want to make the project good and save a little bit of money for the pickups, they are important... depends on your price range and style of music.
I play alot of stuff..

Its gonan be my new workhorse guitar, i play funk in a funk orchestra, i play metal mainly - Zakk Wylde and RR ****

The Pups are probably gonna end up being EMG passives or a set of Duncans, depedning how cheap i can get em

Gonna buy some **** ones to test it first however.