ok, i love old metallica and all thrash metal but i can't seem to get a good metal tone.... i have a 50's reissue strat (not exactly "metal" but still), a brand new randall rx120dhs (not a tube amp) and a boss mt-2 metalzone pedal.... everything sounds too muffled... like its not enuff gain... i have bass at about 5, i cut all the mids out, and about 6 or 7 treble...... i've tried adding some mids, lower my pickups, and a lot of different eq's... everything sounds fuzzy, muffled, .. i raised the treble but then it sounded too high pitch and still sounded muffled.... i want a clearer distortion thats not so muddy... my old peavey envoy 110 sounded better then this..the randall is louder but im having big problems with tone....oh and one more then.. i play in my garage and i cant turn it up too loud.. volumes on like 3 if that makes a difference... but i tried turning it up and got the same tone..... please help me lol
add some bass. maybe add some more gain. try using the bridge pickup. add treble. get a new amp. or a different pedal. id say sell the randall and get a tube combo. or an EQ pedal.
I have the same setup. Pedal and amp, I use a JS30 DKT Hardtail with stock pickups and I get an incredible tone out of it.

The muffly part, try using your bridge pickup for playing anything metal if you want crunch. When you solo or play without distortion try using the neck pickup.

Level - 5
Full High
Lows - 2:30 (as in the dial is a clock face, turn the low to where 2:30 would be)
Mids - 9:00 (adjust to your liking)
Mid Frequency - 2:00 (adjust to liking as well)
Full Distortion

Amp Clean Channel
Level Whatever
Treble - 5 to 6
Mids - 0
Bass - 5 to 6

Try that out, to me that doesn't sound bad
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You sound like me 10 years ago trying so hard to get that Metallica sound. I tried so many amps, pedals, and guitars. It took a long time (and a little wisdom) to come to the realization that no matter what I did (and even to this day) I'll never get that sound.

I'm sure you realize that nothing you have will come close to their sound. If you've ever seen pics of their gear, you know why. Even the old Marshall heads they used...they were tweaked big time. Very little of what they have is stock...they can afford to have their stuff modded by pros.

Working with what you have, find a sound you like. Don't even think about "That just doesn't sound like Hammet." Play with the sounds...your ear will tell you what it likes. Then play...

A part of the equation you'll never is the hands. You could have Kirk's gear to the exact letter and you still won't sound like him...you don't have his hands. That's a small part of the "tone" mystery. Strive to be yourself and put what YOU are into the song...it'll sound right.
thanks tirkaz, i set up my EQ like you said, played with the mids a bit and found a tone i like... i really appreciate your help... i just got this amp 2 days ago and sort of freaked when i couldnt get a good tone...... also thank you fretboarddragon... i know i cant copy metallicas sound but i was just looking for a good thrash metal tone in general... not trying to copy one bands sound, just trying to get rid of muddy tone but ty anyways.