I'm selling about a years worth of guitar one magazines each with the cd/dvd that came with it, two ernie ball learn to play guitar books, phase 1 and phase 2, A really nice Hardcover Guitar Essentials book with loads of good stuff in it, A guitar video that goes ove some basic and intermediate stuff, a guitar DVD which is really helpful and funny, A Hot Hands on training book, and a poster of somewhere around 100 guitar chords which is a really nifty little reference.

Three of the books help you with note reading of all levels which is cool and it has lots of songs in them. The videos cover beginner and intermidate playing and the mags each have some tabs in then with the cd of the backing track of the tabs and concert videos and stuff on the cd.

ESTIMATED VALUES When this stuff was bought
Guitar mags and cds together were $8 a piece and there are 11 of them=$88
Videos were about $15 a piece and there are two (one's a DVD) so that=$30
Not reading books were about 10 bucks a piece and there are three of them so that's $30 and the nice book was $15 so that's $45
And the poster was about $5

So that's $168 in all (New that is) and I got a fair amount of use out of them and the magazines aren't current so I'd sell all of this for $50 plus whatever shipping is and I'm open for any trades!

Open For Trades

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Selling any of this seperate or just all together?
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