Okay so this is what happened.

I use a Marshall TSL 60 through a Marshall cab
I'm at my bands practice, and we play a Southern Rock/Hardcore kinda thing. Anyways Halfway through one of our songs, my amp turns from Distortion to like a Clean sound, and this last for like 3 seconeds and it gos back to Distortion.

So I check the tubes, and they look fine. So im hoping this is one those "one time things" but it keeps happening when I turn the volume past 5. I've heard that I should not play it anymore until I take it in and get it fixed which im planning to do. Its just still at my friends house.

So I was wondering if anyone knows whats going on. Or this has happened to you.

And Ive had this amp maybe for like 4 months.
You got any pedals hooked to it?
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Sounds like the amp vibration is causing some faulty wires to not touch or something minor like that, since it only does it when you go past volume 5.

Hell if I know though lol.
I think the bigger question is how are you running a Marshall tube amp at 5 for practice?

Just do what you said and don't play it 'til it's fixed.

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