it seems that all guitaar stands have some sort of foam material that will deteriorate a nitrocellulose finished guitar.

are there any stands that i can use with my gibson sg?
wait what?!!!!!
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many gibson guitars are coated with a nitrocellulose finish. i believe that the foam padding used in guitar stands will deteriorate this finish.

my question is: are there any stands that are approved and OK for use with a nitrocellulose finished guitar?
wall hangers.
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I put old socks on my stands' bottom holders...but that's because there was a rip in the foam causing the metal to dig into my guitar...
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umm u can just have a normal stand and keep the plastic covering that usually comes with them on the foam parts.

i'm not willing to take chances with my guitar. i'd rather just buy an expensive stand that is 100% safe for use with my gutiar than buy a cheap stand and try to jimmy-rig to fit my needs.