i got i got the breedlove guitar today and it came with the access gear bag and it had a planet waves humidifier and a humidity temperature sensor. but i have no clue what do use them for? do i even need to use them? i live in alabama if that matters please help this is my first acoustic i don't wanna mess it up and i will be taking the guitar to school
First off, make sure you get a hard case if you're gonna use a humidifier.

If it gets very humid in the summer/dry in the winter (which most places do), you'll defenately want to make use of humidi-paks/humidifiers. They keep the relative humidity around the guitar constant so the wood doesn't get too dry or moist, which prevents warping and bowing. I'm sure one of the gurus will fill in the gaps, but long story short, if you care about the guitar humidifiers/humidi-paks are a great idea.

Hope that helps.
Great. The hard case will help in protecting the guitar from humidity, but the humidifier/humidi-pak will let you control the relative humidity inside the case (and more importantly, around the guitar) to help preserve it.

This is generally only an issue with higher-end guitars, as low end stuff won't last long enough to justify the cost. However, anything with a solid top probably justifies a humidifier. It'll add years of life to your guitar and help to preserve that beautiful tone she first came to you with