This is a theory created based on the life of my freind josh makler (spiroth10 on hear)

1)Josh makler is allways wrong even when its undoubtable he is right (cause it is fun)

2)the world is against josh makler (because he is THAT important)(NOT!!!!lol)

3) has a tendancy to change his mind lick he changes his underware (every four days)

4) wants to be a musician and thinks that learning everything out there he will become one and only listens to his own advice on anything related.

5) the fifth and formost thing on this version of the makler theory is that every word from maklers mouth is law and the way it allways will be (until four days go by and it finally sinks in he might be wrong so he changes his oppinion)

Sup josh whow do you like me now?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! this is war?!?!?!!?