Anyone familiar with the Born To Shred II video going around on the internet for like the passed 5 years, and who is a decent guitar player should be able to help me out.

I need a tab from this video, so if anyone is familiar with it that thinks they could tab it out, let me know. It shouldnt be too hard since the part I need isnt fast, and you can see what he is doing in the video. If someone does not know the video, or needs it, here is a link to it


If you need a higher quality copy to see what he is doing, let me know and ill see what I can do.

At 16:07, Uli CC Rottweiler (guy on the left) starts to play some finger picked arpeggios while Fat Mr Crab (on the right) shreds over it. I was wondering if someone can tab out the entire piece that Uli is playing. This is what I really need, so if you can just do that, its much appreciated. I wont bother asking to tab out Mr Crabs part

Also, if you feel bored, there is a heavy metal piece with some pinched harmonics that Fat Mr Crab plays at 14:53. If you can tab out just the first part of this (ending at 15:12) you're the man. I know hes using a 7 string, but if you can maybe arrange it for a de-tuned 6 string?