I have looked through the handy dandy settings thread, and I'm tired of playing Heavy Heavy Death Metal at the moment , but I would like to get the sound of Papa Roach on the "to be loved song"

I have a MT-2 at the moment, I sold my Metal Muff for money towards new amp

but as of right now I just need the pedal adjustments for the sound im looking for, not perfect but close, I would be able to get it right on the amp and finializing pedal adjustments

I would like some friendly help not immature flame at me, when some settings just aren't on the web and such as the ultiment settings thread,
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I'm sorry, I can't help any. I'd just like that twat above me to die.

ahh okay, well anything for say Alternative rock would most likely do, I could figure it out otherwise, I spent to long focusing just on insane death metal wops