I am limitied finacially, and i need an electric, ive been stuck with an acoustic, and it doesnt work out too well trying to play rock in general on an acoustic. SO im looking for a cheap but reliable electric guitar. if u happen to have a cheap ole' Squier, or a Peavey u dont want, ill gladly take it off of ur hands.

Looking for a price range of about $100-$200 but willing to stretch, if u have something crappier ill take it, ill literally take ANYTHING.

and maybe an amp too. again cheap, but not gonna break on me while playing, and doesnt sound like absolute ****. but again, i WILL TAKE ANYTHING
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I will sell you my Line 6 Spider 3 15w for 100 bones....it BRAND new still have the box for it! Let me know Im in MN........
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ive got a ibanez gio with a custom painted rebel flag (gay i know right) but you said anything.