I'm more concerned about good low end compared to high end, so I think a 1x15 is more appropriate than a 2x10 right? What do you guys suggest?

Keep in mind my ideal budget is 700-800 (1000 max). Is this even enough $?

**I'm going with a half-stack instead of the combo because, to my understanding, you can get more volume, it's less weight in two pieces, and there's more options in terms of mixing different brands. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Edit: I realize I just created a thread for this before, but I really want some opinions because I'm totally clueless in terms of equipment. I know you guys know your stuff so I want all the help I can get. This is a big $ decision for me. THanks
The problem you're going to run into is that if you spend about 400-500 for the head and cab, you most likely wont be able to find a 1x15 that can handle the head, or a 2x15 that is quality. So basically I would try out some 4x10s and see if you really NEED a 1x15. 4x10s will still give quite a bit of bottom.
the ampeg B2Re+SVT410 HLF is a nice combination. the HLF model has loads of bottom end and the B2Re gives you many nice souding tone options.

another thing to look at is the GK700RB with the GK 212NEO cab hat cab has some serious bottom. but that is a tad out of your rice range

another opton would be to get a ampeg SVT450 and an avatar 2x12 that cab realy kicks and

what type of music do you play? any type of sound in particular you want? theese subjestions are just food for thought.

i think a combo amp would be great if you only do medium gigs the Fender Bassman 400 has great tone at 400 watts and has lots of botom. many different tonal options too! plus you can add a 1x15 extention spealer later to crank it up to 600W and add more bottom. wich should be more than enough unless you are doing arenas or something
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