I have been playing for roughly 7 years(im 16 years old). I am looking for a new guitar. I have looked around and narrowed it down to a lespaul classic and american deluxe strat(VG). last weekend i went to the store and since i still wasnt sure i bought a danelectro guitar so that i havce somehting while i am deciding what to get. very nice guitar for the price yes i would ike to know what to get.
Once again comes the apples and oranges theory. Its 100% opinion here. You have 2 total opposites. One with 3 Singles and the other with 2 humbuckers. Go try them out. I would rather the LP but thats just me.
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Id take the Classic, man i played one of those at GC the other day, and i spent 1 hour JUST on that! It's so good in everyway, and i own a SG Standard. You GOTTA go try it, it will blow your mine. As for the Strat, i really dont like Fenders anyways, but just go try them.
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i did try them... i like the LP but its fuking heavy and the VG has sick sounds on it its the one made with roland
The VG strat can do humbucker sounds, but the Les Paul won't really be able to sound like single coils. I've never used a VG, though, so I can't comment on how convincing its features are.

Keep that in mind and try them both. Chances are, with either choice you make, you'll be satisfied.
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Completely different guitars.

If you can't decide between those 2, put your money in your pocket and do more research .
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The LP is pretty heavy and has a glassy neck(makes it sticky) and the Strat is...a strat. I'm not really a fan of strats..but I would def. take the LP for blues and rock.
Dude, we have the same name and age! Now thats crazy ****! I played a Les Paul Studio Saturday at guitar center, not such a fan for fenders either. I'd take the LP. Any Gibson Les Paul is kick ass, in my opinion.
All opinions will be biased towards the persons personal opinion, you have to try them out yourself. I personally hate Fenders... especially strats... I would take an LP any day.
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i did try them... i like the LP but its fuking heavy and the VG has sick sounds on it its the one made with roland

the new 07 classics have weight reduction builds now. So they are much lighter.
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o ok yeh thats cool thanks but is the classic the way to go or wiht the standard then
the VG's dont change tune very well with that crappy knob. if you want a self tuning guitar, wait for the gibson powertune.

go with the lp

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VG no question about it, even just an american deluxe hss is much better than the Les Paul Classic. But then again in my opinion unless you get a custom a Fender American Deluxe HSS Stratocaster is pretty much the ultimate guitar. You have a strats single coil neck pickup basically the ulitmate clean sound, a bridge humbucker which can easily be swaped to whatever your preference for heavy rock and sick solos. Lock tuners a tremolo with a whammy bar, Jumbo frets with a neck inbetween a super skinny wizard and a fat les paul. High quailty alder body, high quality american construction and great looks for only $1,200, you can't really beat that now can you....
i'd say the vg.
but that could be because all i've got in my apartment is my esp ec1000 and i miss the strat tone...

but really. they're two completely different beasts. try them both out and if you still don't know, sit on the decision for a while. that's a lot of money to drop lightly.
dont get a VG, spend your money on a real american deluxe, not some digitalized peice of crap (its still a nice guitar, but u can get way better value)
Id personally get http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-American-Deluxe-Stratocaster-HSS-Electric-Guitar?sku=511145 that for a strat, then youve got the best of both worlds, and maybe a pup change with that leftover money.
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I always like the Les Paul. Well, actually any Gibson. I was never a Fender guitar fan but love the basses. I used to collect Gibsons and had a few Strats in my day. I got a few Fenders in trade or mangaed to pick up cheap and resell or trade torwards a Gibson. I never cared for the sound or feel of Fenders but that's me. It's all opinion. I sold off all my guitars and just got back into it but I'm always looking for a good Les Paul or any Gibson. My best deal was an old Strat I got at a yard sale for $50.00 I sold it for over $600.00 and bought an Explorer with the money but that was 25 years ago. So I would go with the LP over a Fender.

Firstly, go for a normal american deluxe or something, not the VG.

What amp do you have mr? because if you have a tripe amp then both the guitars will sound pretty naff through it.

If you've got a nice tube amp then its all up to opinion, I would prefer the strat because it does country, blues and rock, whereas the LP IMO wouldnt do country.

Also they have completely differnent necks, gibbys IMO are not as comfy as a fender strat neck, but this is just me, other people prefer a gibby neck over fender.