i got this picture and i would appreciated if you guys could give me some tips in how to make this picture 700x100 since i have to put in a banner

this is the file i need to get the little card to be a banner so i guess you can cut it with paint


this is what im aiming for but at 700x100 so it fits on webpage nicely

so i can use on my website which has this logo currently which is 700x100


so any tips in doing it or if you guys could lend me a hand i would appreciated it
it wont let me specify those exact measurements 700x100 it will move it

if i put 700 for height it goes to 222 if i put a 100 for hegith it goes to 315 width

any help?
There should be something that says something like "Constrain Proportions" Uncheck that, and you can make it 700x100