to make this short and sweet, i'm looking into getting a head and was wondering if i could possibly make a cab (either 2x12 or 4x12) to pair with it that would sound as good as a higher end cab, for less $

i have read a good bit of the thread linked by the tutorial thread, about cab building and they mainly talk about bass amps... but from what i said, guitar cabs are really strait forward

edit: do people make these things off of schematics?
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sure you can. maybe not for less money but it's definitely possible. just use the building threads on here to base your design with and get to work.

To be honest though, I think he's more worried about the price factor.
If you can't build one cheaper, go eBay!
I scored my 4x12 (which retails for $400) for $160, and all I had to do was drive an hour to pick it up.
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