Okay, so it's hollywood day tomorrow at my school for spirit week.
I need some ideas for a hollywood actor or character.
List away.........
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indiana jones. just get a whip, tight-ish pants, don't shave, and a collared shirt buttoned only halfway up. problem solved.
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david hasselhoff
tom cruise
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Thats kinda creepy, we are having our homecoming this week and today was our hollywood day...
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aussie's dont have spirit week?
anyway, its just to get the students psyched for school spirit before homecoming. (please tell me you know what homecoming is)
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Be a whale.
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today was MTV day at our school. this couple dressed up as britney spears and k-fed. k-fed looked good and the girl had a balloon in her shirt. her shirt said "mom of the year" lol.
yeah im reppin IL, i go to loyola, nywho thats weird are stuff is on the same day. im going as a pregnent brittany spears
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will smith,

but in fresh prince clothes
- Jasmine by takamine acoustic
...that's it
If i could do that in two hours i would.
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Our spirit week is this week too, but our day tomorrow is pirate day
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Go as Vanessa Hudgens.
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