What noise supressors would you guys recommend? I know a lot of people use the Boss NS-2, but someone told me the MXR one is much better. My ENGL Powerball has one built in but it doesn't seem to do the job quite as well as the NS-2.
I use the BOSS NS-2, it works wonders for me. Simple interface and does its job. It handles heavy distortion well.
alot of people are going to say ISP Decimator. Seems to be a favorite around here.
I don't believe MXR has a noise Supressor. I know they have a noise gate which is completely but gives a similar effect.

Noise Gates chop off signal to the amp once the input signal drops below the threshold( a level determined by knob adjustment as to how much signal must be absent before the signal isn't cut). The downside to these is they kill sustain and don't clean out the signal, just stops feedback.

Noise Reducers or Supressors will clear out the signal of unwanted noise. The downside to these is that it can pull tone out. Higher quality ones such as the ISP decimator, Rocktron Hush don't kill tone, Boss NS2's are mediocre they do the job but kill a bit of tone, I would try to avoid the Behringer ones.
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Thanks for the info. I'll have to see if I can get hold of an ISP or Rocktron to play with here in Australia