hey guys,

i just recorded my guitar on my pc and it sounded alright but then i got the demo of the new jimi hendrix software by ik multimedia (link ), and it sounded like complete ass. i guess this would be because of my sound card is integrated (i'm correct in assmuing this, right?)

so, i was wondering what i should get...i dont know much about sound cards, so i pulled this one up. its cheap, but i know that the company is reputable. your thoughts?

REVIEW BY: Tony Reviewed Oct 08, 2007
I've had one of these little gems for awhile. It's a decent card. Not many features, but heh... It's almost free. I am a musician and I use the creative EMU in my Audio Workstation. That card is great but full of headaches. and so many features you could tweak your life away. This guy here never stops working, never needs tweaking, and makes Halo face melting good!!!

took me all of five seconds to find
its prolly the recording program you used since ive noticed that audacity which is free sucks next to acid pro or magix studio stuff which is pretty good since it costs money
and maybe because you might not have enough experience mixing recordings to get a good sound
yeah thats possible...i'm not postive why it sounded so bad, though. i recorded it using just audacity and it sounded fine but when i used the jimi hendrix software (i imported into the software) it sounded horrible. am i doing something wrong?