I don't remember if there was a thread about this cd in particular, nor did I see anything.
Also, technically they are sludge metal, but I really, really dig this cd, but I still can't get over first and their split with Unpersons (great band). I figured there would be more respect here in the hardcore side. What do you guys think about it? The art is pretty good, too.
Quote by XMeatHookMartyX
The art is pretty good, too.

I really enjoyed their split with Unpersons, haven't heard this one yet. The art is so cool though, I think it could be the best art for a band done by someone in the band.
I digg this band, haven't picked up any of their albums yet though.
Which would you guys suggest i start out with?
I'd just go with 'First' and 'Second', the split with Unpersons is rad, but not that crucial to the listening experience.
The First and Second EP's are better, but it's pretty damn good.
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