Is their a way to unlock a harder setting? Legendary isn't really cutting it.
If you're that good, just go pwn everyone online. What are you wasting your time on campaign for?
Turn on teh skulls. With em all, its like ledgendart X10. Awesome though.
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play online and pwn some n00berz

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Is this Halo 3?
Have people already found the skulls? Wow. They need a life.

I need to get a next gen console...
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I got my 360 for 190 from a coworker so happy!
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What are the skulls? Are they hidden things or something? I've already beat it on Legendary and I'd like another challenge.
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Are you Superbad???
I thought i found a skull in one of the first levels, not really sure how to turn them on or anything like that.