When I went into a the local pawn shop a few months ago, I saw this SG lookin Ibanez. It was obviosly (sp?) old and had a few rust on the pickup covers. It had a near natural finish. It was for around $600.
Anybody know about these?
If was identical to an SG then is must have been one of them old lawsuit models.

Probably nothing special sound wise, but pretty collectable.
Could be a number of things. With rust on the hardware, I wouldn't pay six hundred for it.
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The serial number will tell you what year it is(if it has a sn). Ibanez guitars from the 70's to mid 80's are some of the best guitars made imo. Like they asked above, was it identical to an SG or similar?
If its a lawsuit Ibanez. You should pick it up. Collectors go mad for those things so if you got it and cleaned it up you could pick up a profit.

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