so my ipod will only play the first second of a bunch of songs- they play fine on the computer. i tried recopying them to the ipod, but no dice. any suggestions?
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Try restoring your iPod to its original factory settings. Then it should work. That's kind of the cure-all for iPods.
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sounds like you have it set to "intro", or "Preview", or something of that sort. I had an mp3 player that did that. It'd play about 10 seconds of a song as a preview, then move on. check your play options.
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i have NO idea if ipods do this, but on my old mp3 player, it had a preview function, it would play the first couple of seconds of a song then change, and when you heard the start of a song you like, you press the button and it would play it all

but like i said, i dont know if Ipods have that
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iPods don't have any of those features. Just reset it.
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