Alright, for tone, I mainly depend upon my BOSS GT-3 for tone, but lately, my old Spider II just ain't stackin' up anymore.
I'm mainly into death metal, thus what I usually play is considered shred. I love the ethereal sound of Mohammad Suizmenz's solos.
Lately though, I've been delving into the styles of fusion musicians like Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, Gutherie Govan etc.
I checked out this B-52 stack (with a head that came with it) and a Crate VFX5212T combo and enjoyed both of um, but I'd rather take advice from ya'll....
Whats is a good amp that can sound great mildly distorted, as well as turned up with ****in' 11!
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It'S still a good practice amp for the price. For bands and gigs it's **** though.
My gear:
-Ibanez JS 6000 Custom w/ 11-48 gauge
-Ibanez FGM 400BB w/ 10-46 gauge
-Peavey 6505 2x12 Combo
-MXR Phase 90
-Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
-Morley Wah/Volume Pro Series II
-Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
-Gator G-Bus 8
-Xotic BB Preamp