I tried DR's and Elixirs and I hated them. So I'm thinking I could go for D'addario's and try them out for a while. Is there another brand of strings you guys personally like for durability? DRs would get way too dirty too fast and coating on the Elixirs would always rub off at the frets within a week. Any recommendations? I'll be using 10's btw, I play an MIM Fat Strat.

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if elixers dont work then IDK
they are the best
D'Addarios good too
I recommend the ones made of metal...But in all seriousness I have gone through almost every brand of string (generic, Ernie Ball, Elixers, and D'Addarios) and they all either felt weird or kept snapping. The ONLY brand of string I play now is GHS. The standard boomers (10's) are the only thing that feels comfortable. Hopefully they will work for you as well. These seem to last the longest, don't have an awkward feel, and don't snap easily even though I pick like a madman.
Try some Clear Tone coated strings. They're supposedly pretty good. The Martin Darco Electric Strings I put on my Charvel lasted awhile too.
I tried the clear tone and they still rusted. Ive tried elixers and they broke all the time. I like the ball ends on fender but the nickel plating doesnt seem to hold up so well. I do like slinkys and the ddarrios. And they are really easy to find, a plus. And you can get the ddarrios in 10 packs from musician friend for like 3 somethin a set. I like the slinkys better they seem to bend easier. I use the same 10s as you do. But I think Ill go with the ddarrios as they are pretty cheap and I go thru alot of strings with 5 guitars to play.
i personally like d'add.
you could also look into blue steel. i used those for a while before switching over fully to d'addario (was using d'addarios already on my acoustic/electric)
I use DR (10, 13, 17, 36, 46, 56) strings and can play easily over a month(2-6 hours a day)without them getting dirty or breaking or anything..
Do you always wash your hands before playing? That helps a lot.
What about them snake-oil strings, they are meant to be real good.
ernie ball super slinky is what i use, they feel like magic such a good feel.
^have you tried other string makes? like the normally praised ones as above?

I used to think EB strings was where it was at, and nothing was better....then I tried better.
Im not saying EB is bad, I still use them most of the time myself cos I can get them cheap, but they are far from great and there are better strings for only abit more dosh.
I've always really liked Dean Markley Blue Steels, they've lasted me for a long time.
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I'm using the new Jim Dunlop strings, they last for ages and they are rich in tone. BUt once they die ( which takes quite a while), they die hard.

D'Addario's are quite good, but don;t get them if you live in Australia.
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