so yeah, I came up this song up for my band to play. Practically did the whole guitar part even though I play bass. Now, the song is mainly based around what the guitarist does but it feels like my band mates are to simple to get what I'm trying to get them to play.

Basically there are alot of rhythm changes and although the whole song could technically be played in 4/4, its not. And well they don't seem to get that and so it sounds weird or "broken" to them.

I mean I play the parts over and over but they just don't seem to be getting it. In alot of my songs, the up beat is given the emphasis instead of the usual downbeat.
If it tickles and doesn't burn, it's ok.
i would recommend recording it with drums and everything on a computer and see if they get it then. the problem i run into is everyone in my band want to say "oh, this is played in C # sus major 7 aug 3" or "it is played in 21/4 with pentuplet chugs". they over complicate things so bad. but if i just record everyones parts and just have then play what they hear it usually works out. ive come to find that even though some people have the talent, that doesnt mean they are a good musician. You can be a good player but a horrible musician.
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Tab it all out for them? That's what I often do, but I have Guitar Pro so we can preview the entire song.

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