So I was down at this music shop, buying some bass bits, when I checked out those weirdo musician hit lists.
This band was like, 'yo, we need some bass' so I hit them up on their myspace.
Ok sorry, that was random and odd.
But that was basically the story.
I don't know these guys, they are local and need a bassist, so I messaged them and they said we could jam or something and asked about my band history, which is my main problem. In highschool I jammed with my mates, but we never did anything. So on paper I'm not great, but I haven't got a clue what these guys are expecting.
Only that they expect me to show up, with my bass, and jam to some metal tunes with them. Will they want me to play songs by famous bands, or just jam along?
Because while I can play metal, I can't memorize it...

thanks for any advice.
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Skills. Get them.
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ask them if they do covers, mix or all origonal. have a few cool riffs put togeather that you can bust out, and dont be afraid to just hold it down with roots and 5ths till you get a feel for what theyer looking for.
noo quickly buy a double bass and show up with a huge six foot instrument

eh. i wouldnt worry about it. theres no point, unless you're joining David Lee Roth or sth. If they dont like you just start owning them.
i have a 'white guitar'
Get in touch with them, find out some details and let them know your experience level and ability, and musical preferences. Have something recorded they can listen to as well, if possible, online or on CD.

Ask what type of stuff they play, originals or covers and what proportions, if they do a lot of originals they shouldn't expect you to already know them, but will expect you to be willing to learn them. In that case they should also be willing to audition you wiht some cover tunes, most musicians would really suck trying to play songs they've never heard before...they should be aware of that...Try to agree on a few songs in advance if possible, so you can have them ready and they can too.

Be honest with them about your ability and commitment, if you overstate yourself they will know it in 5 minutes and you're history. And if you end up playing with this band, remember a couple of things that make a huge difference and are the biggest problems with most bands.

if you say you will be at practice or a show, BE THERE...bands hate no-shows

late now and then is unavoidable, but if you're 45 minutes late every time you get a reputation as undependable. Especially if you always have flimsy excuses.

if you show up at practice and haven't worked on the songs, they will know it, you won't last long. If you don't have a song down completely but they can definitely see you have worked on it, most bands will be cool with it. If you obviously haven't picked up your axe all week, they will know it even quicker, and you're out the door.

When you finish a song turn that volume knob OFF and leave it that way while the band discusses details or decides what to play next. It's really aggravating to try and work out details of a song while someone doodles away and you can't hear each other talk. I almost got into a fight one day because I told another guitar player to quit doodling while the rest of us tried to work out details, but he was standing there playing LOUD while we tried to talk...bad idea...the rest of the band backed me up, we barely avoided a fight, he was fired a couple of weeks later for all of the above. Consistently 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours late, showed up to take pictures without stage clothes and an hour late, we had to play the first set without the guy a couple of times when he showed up 5 minutes before we started or after we started, never practiced, couldn't play variety stuff, (think metal guitar on a country tune) and wouldn't shut the hell up and stop playing while we tried to work out details. That's not a guitar player it's a drag and a liability.
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I hate when people doodle between songs, my drummer does it alot hehe