I need an amp, like, now. Unfortunately, I just bought a Marshall JCM half-stack for a friend of mine, so I only have about 500usd to spend.

Basically, I play metal stuff. My band does lots of I Killed the Prom Queen covers (because I tell them to) and I want that kind of a sound (I'm usually in drop b). Also, this amp isn't my jam-with-band amp, this is my bedroom amp, so it doesn't have to be loud at all (5 watts is fine), just good sounding.

Suggestions? Thanks.
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i play the same kinda stuff, my room amp is a fender deluxe 112. its dying slowly because its old as hell but it has a good metal tone somehow.
Well if its just for practicing, I wouldn't even spend that much honestly. Grab one of those little portable Cubes or Voxs or one of the 15/20 watt ones and you should be good.
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I just bought a Marshall JCM half-stack for a friend of mine

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