I'm saving up for a Roadster, most likely anyway, and just wondering if I'm better off getting the head and a cabinet, or the 2x12 combo.

I'm in a band, soon to be starting gigs and junk more often. We play hard rock, some classic rock/metal type stuff, some new age and whatever.

I spent a solid hour playing the Roadster 2x12 combo at a music store today and liked what I heard. Just wondering if there's any difference in versatility or sound between the two. And, you can stack the combo on a cabinet right?

Thanks in advance. Peace.
Be aware that the combo weighs a friggin' ton. I went with the head and 2x12 cab, and at 50 pounds each, they are far easier to move as two individual units. As far as coverage, if you can't cover the crowds you are playing with the Roadster head and 2x12 cab, then you need to invest in a touring size PA system. This amp puts out a lot of volume and the closed back 2x12 pushes a lot of air. If need be, yes you can stack the combo on a cab, but why the hell would you even need to do that?
^ I agree, I would take the head with this kind of amp, yes sometimes combos can be more useful and sensible but I would take a head in this situation anyday, I just take my head along to shows, theres always a cab kicking about to plug into, if you want your own then yeah, a closed back 2x12 is very underrated. They are powerful!
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Yeah get the head and a 2x12, Mesa combos are bitches to lug around.
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Yeah get the head and a 2x12, Mesa combos are bitches to lug around.

Omar, I like your sig. I'll second that comment on the weight of Mesa combos. Almost any 2x12 tube combo is a B to carry. Also, is there really any reason to use more than a single 4x12 other than maybe a second one on the opposite side of a large stage that has no stage monitors? Really.
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