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John Stewart
9 38%
Stephen Colbert
15 63%
Voters: 24.
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And I like Colbert way better, even though Stewart can be pretty funny himself.
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I like Stewart better because he does more comedy that's actually connected to the news. Colbert is a riot though, that's for sure.
JON Stewart shall reign supreme, his jokes are actually pertinent to the news at hand.
Colbert is funny in his own way, though, but his jokes usually lie tangent to the news... at best.
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i like Jon Stewart a little more.

Colbert is funny, but his material is more of a joke than Stewart's.

Stewart's jokes seem more mature and intellectual (sometimes). i tend to enjoy that more.

both are great though.
I love both the same, but I have to vote Colbert, because I started watching that show first.
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