Hey guys,

I am looking to sell a Marshall AVT 150 Combo amp for $400. I bought it for about $750 3 years ago. It really is a nice amp... the only reason why I am selling it is because I had to sell my Gibson LP to pay for college and my Strat just doesn't sound as good with it. It has 3 channels: clean, OD1 (classic rock), and OD 2 (modern gain). It is in great condition as I have only played it in my room, and I am not a smoker. The only imperfection is that the floorboard's red light under the clean channel does not light. However, that makes it pretty easy to tell which channel you have selected as no other lights are on.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at brett-guzdziol@uiowa.edu or call 630 660 3196. If you live either the Chicagoland area or around Iowa City I would be happy to deliver it or meet half way.

Sorry, but I don't have a picture of the actual amp as I am at college and my amp is at home. However, if you are really interested in it, I can have my family send me a pic.