I'm a big fan of Acoustic guitars, but I was wondering if it was possible to get an Acoustic Electric that still has the "big" sound of an Acoustic-only guitar....or at least something similar.

I love the sound of Acoustics, but I want to be able to easily record music by just plugging it into my Mac.

If you have any Acoustic Electric recommendations I'd appreciate it.

~ Dave
i have a takamine that i love
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Check out some of the similier threads in the Acoustic & Classical forum. There are a ton of good recommendations in the stickies and some of the posted threads.
Yeah the acoustic forum would be the place to go, this might get moved there too, no telling.

That said, I have a Takamine that sounds great and have played everal brands that sounded really good, all acoustic/electric. Ovation, Guild, Sigma, Alvarez, Ibanez...but I bought the Takamine...

But to record I still mic it, I get a better sound that way. I'm not sure if any of the electronics can reproduce a really good acoustic sound yet, but mine's several years old, they might have gotten closer by now.
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