I live in a ****ty little town with ****ty little drummers and they're in short supply. I'd prefer an actual person drumming but that's not an option. Is their any good drum machine software out their? All I can find is this stupid flash crap that looks like a kids program. I need something built like audacity or the like.
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yeah that acoustica beatcraft thing is ok but there's some bugs
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uh it looks like idrum is only for mac os...not helpful in the least
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I already answered this in your other forum.
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well not exactly bugs, i guess it's just me. i can't get it to put different beats into one sequence. as soon as i change a beat it changes the whole sequence to that beat. and the beats aren't on time. i prolly just didn't look at it long enough
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what bugs are in beatcraft? ive never come across any

I have. Sometimes hits(when you export them) become louder than the rest of the drums. It happens if you put to many crash hits in the first meassurement usually.

As for drum machine:
EZ drummer is probably the best out there.
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