yo....iv been playing guitar for a few years but just got my electric 8 mnths ago about...iv been playing alot of songs and learning new techniques and stuf..but iv hit a mental and physical block...i cant get fast runs anymore nd my improv is crap...im deciding to play less frequently...any of yall been through this? must i rather leave guitar for a while or just practice exercises or what?......tnx
just play a bit less for some time and inspiration and motivation will hit you.
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You're not going to nail fast runs by abandoning frequent practice.

It's actually impossible for you to hit a physical roadblock, because even if you don't think you're progressing, your muscle memory and agility is always improving. Keep working on those fast runs at slow tempos and gradually speed them up.

Results don't happen instantly and you have to work for your reward. Giving up frequent practice is not the way to go about it.

As for improvisation, you really need to start playing with other musicians.
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