Ok basically im looking for an audio interface and it comes down to the MOTU 8pre (http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/8pre) or the Presonus FP10 (formerly firepod http://www.presonus.com/fp10.html) Now just to clear things up, im running everything through a soundcraft mixer first anyway (yes i have the right i/o) and i use Digital Performer as my DAW.

All money is in $AU
Now the pros and cons im seeing is

MOTU (roughly $1,100-$1,300):

leds for each channel
phantom power and gain for each channel
sweet looking
that program that comes with it minimises lag and works seemlessly with my DAW

only 2 analog outs at the back (so i cant track each channel out)
it costs 300 more.
the fact if i wanna expand it with DECENT quality i need to buy another one

PRESONUS (roughly $750-$900):

400 bucks cheaper
direct outs for each channel
gain control for each channel
if i want to expand i just buy another one of these which is cheaper

no adat...
i dont need nor want cubase, i might and thats a big ass MIGHT tinker
phantom power isnt individual channels, its on one half then the other half
firewire daisy chaining

mostly price is the issue... does anyone know if firewire daisychaining is that much more latency than adat? also the individual leds appeal to me. the sound quality is roughly the same by the looks of it and i guess the 8pre is better for expandability as it has the adat but it will cost me more in the future. basically... i prefer the 8pre... but do you reckon its worth the extra 300-400 you have to pay to get it? coz i cant find it on ebay (only one place in america sells them and im not importing due to warranty reasons) So if anyone knows where i could get either for cheaper let me know.

But yeah if anyone could give advice or stuff that would be great.
well, i have the fp10, and it's kick ass, i've never really found a need for adat anyways. the sound quality is very good, and very low latency. daisy chaining doesn't affect the latency. it also looks nice. also, the cubase program is very good software. personally i have the full version of cubase 4, but i used to use LE.
Firewire daisy chaining does not induce much more latency to the signal than using the ADAT option. Personally I would go with the Presonus Firestudio as I think it pwns both, and is the interface that won out when I decided which one to personally get in the price range.

It has better AD/DA conversion than the FP10 and I believe better preamps as well (why are you using a soundcraft mixer again?) Heck, I would probably even take the FP10 over the 8pre because given how expensive the 8pre is it really does not give you a lot of analog or digital routing options. It really is an expansion and meant to be paired with something like an MOTU 828MKII, which would then give you the hardware routing options.

However daisy chaining two Firepods or two Firestudios would have pretty much the same effect with the bonus that they work better as standalone units than the 8pre.
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theres nothing wrong with soundcraft gear... but if you must know... i got it for $240 AU including shipping from america... and it works PERFECTLY. plus ive heard alot of good things about soundcraft, its not like behringer. I like running things through mixers first, gives you more control with levels and stuff.

Has anyone used both at all? the main thing worrying me is the no monitoring leds and no seperate gain, pad and phantom power on EACH preamp of the fp10. but then again... i'm going through a mixer first where i can actually check the levels first. So because of the money.. you'd sugest the presonus.

the firestudio looks really nice BUT... of course its even more expensive than the 8pre and im looking at getting a set of krk rp6 speakers (750 bucks) aswell as some large condensor mics (i already have drum/instrument mics) and thats gonna set me back alot.

also why DID you ask why im using a soundcraft?
why not swap out the mixer for a control?
you can run all inputs direct to the interface of choice and have all controls displayed on screen but have the knobs and all controls on a desk.

personally i think thats the best way to go....
Just the way i like to run things, i'm gonna end up with controls too.. but this way if i wanna use aux sends and stuff i can be more creative, also the fact i can mix live gigs not JUST home stuff where it gets REALLY messy running live gigs off a computer.