Does anyone else like that cloudy apple juice better then the piss coloured seethrough stuff? I think it tastes like real apples.
the clear stuff i refer to as 'cr-apple juice'

i like the cloudy stuff better
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i would have to agree. The cloudy stuff so much better.

EDIT: yes the poster below me has it correct. Nothing beats coconut juice with pineapple
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Tell you what...

Pineapple + coconut juice> all other juice.
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

the cloudy stuff is gorgeous the piss coloured stuff gives you the ****'s so i'm told
I've never had this cloudy apple juice you speak of but apple juice is still good to me
I once drank mouldy apple juice by accident. So I guess that would be cloudy...
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I know what he's on about...one is juce...the other is...I dunno... In Italian it's 'succo di frutta', and 'zumo de fruta' in Spanish. Pulp, maybe...
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

hmmm, i dunno abt cloudy apple juice. but apple cider > apple juice
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